Garden Design Ideas

Designing a garden is the most thrilling task for a person who loves nature. But as long as it is thrilling; it is one of the most challenging task that needs proper planning and sketching. It is not possible for everyone to design a garden without any help. So, if you are planning to transform your garden then Garden Design Ideas are of great benefit as you can have a readymade sketch and map of what you have to implement. Formal garden design ideas are a combination of geometrical shapes with straight hedges, paths, walls and geometric shaped beds. Every garden has a differentiation as if you wish to plant an herb garden then usually it is best to grow over circular or square theme.

A formal garden design is always good to follow for geometrical spaces. Usually it looks best if grown in rectangular space enclosed or surrounded by hedges or garden walls. But such gardens should not follow traditional plan or traditional touch.

Besides formal gardens; another kind of gardens is known as informal garden that are a total opposite of formal gardens. Actually, these Garden Design Ideas don’t follow any geometrical shape and the plants are not planted in line. Lawn boundaries bend gently, flower beds are sliced into natural lay out on the ground and paths ramble around bends with vegetation swarming the boundaries.

Among all Garden Design Idea ; a few that are popular and liked by most nature lovers include cottage gardens, island beds and woodland walks. In today’s time, informal gardens are converting more informal and people wish to look them as wild gardens or wish to enjoy old fashioned meadows. Another term is used as traditional gardens and these gardens are a combination of formal and informal or you can nominate such gardens as country house gardens.